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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make a reservation?

A: Go to our Contact Us page. Fill out our online request a quote form completely and we will contact you. Or you can call us at 619-630-5595.

Q: How fast/far can the horse and carriage travel?

A: The horse and carriage travels around 2.5-3 miles per hour. For example, it will take a horse and carriage around two hours to go five miles. We typically travel two miles or less for weddings.

Q: Can the carriage go up hills?

A: We like our horses very much and will not ask them to do anything that might hurt them. We will not allow our horses to pull hills exceeding a 4% grade. In many cases, we can recommend an alternate route that will work for everyone involved.

Q: May I request a particular horse for my event?

A: Yes, we do take requests and will take your wishes into consideration when we choose a horse for your event. However, we will use the horse that we feel is most appropriate for your event. We cannot guarantee any particular horse.

Q: Where do the horses live when they are not working?

A: Our horses live on a ranch in the Ramona, California with their horse buddies, lots of trees and large paddocks to move around in. They are also cross-trained to be used for pleasure riding and driving and horse shows.

Q: How long will my reservation last?

A: Wedding reservations typically are for one/two hours starting at the time that you have specified and is agreed upon in the signed contract and ends one/two hours after that. Overtime may be charged for any event exceeding the agreed upon time.

Q: How long can the horse work?

A: We work the horses no more than four hours for special events, Christmas rides, movie & TV filming and corporate parties. If additional time is needed, then we can switch to another horse.

Q: How much do I tip the driver?

A: Drivers normally expect to be tipped 15-20%. The gratuities are already included in the rates. If you want to tip the driver a little bit more, that we leave up to you.

Q: What do horses eat?

A: Our horses eat good quality hay, alfalfa, bermuda, oat and rye, and sometimes soaked beet pulp. They may get other supplements tailored to their nutritional needs. We do give them apples, carrots and other treats when they are not working.

Q: Can I use my own decorations on the carriage?

A: Yes, but your decorations must not scratch the carriage. We encourage the use of ribbon and chenille. We can provide directions on what you may attach to the carriage. You are not allowed to use florist wire, tape or other sticky substances. We also can custom match your colors and flowers in silk for an additional charge.

Q: Why do I have to be paid in full two weeks before my event?

A: The days leading up to your event will be busy ones. On the day of your event you should not have to worry about paying for the carriage. The two-week time period also allows for your check to clear the bank.

Q: How far will you travel to an event?

A: We will travel as far as you want us to. We add mileage to our a base price to calculate your quote. Our travel rates are usually calculated at $1 per mile both ways from Ramona, CA 92065.

Q: Do the horses receive special training for the street?

A: Yes, all of our horses have received specialized training to work on the street and in traffic. Our horses have worked in areas with automobiles, taxis, buses, trains and/or trolleys, fireworks, large noisy crowds, fire engines, etc. Please let us know when booking your event if you are planning on having something out of the ordinary at your event.

Q: Why do you use draft horses to pull your carriages? Are the carriages heavy?

A: Draft horses have good dispositions for pulling a carriage and working with the public. No, the carriages are not heavy for the horse to pull. We have specifically purchased carriages that are at least half the weight of those being used by other carriage companies. We are able to pull and move the carriages by hand when necessary.

Q: Is that a Clydesdale?

A: Many people ask us this on a regular basis. The answer is "sort of". Our draft horses are not Clydesdales, but are Clydesdale-like horses from other countries. Clydesdales are draft horses from Scotland. We have Percherons that are draft horses from France, and Belgians that are draft horses from Belgium. There are other draft breeds are well, for example, Shires from England, American Cremes from the United States of American bred mostly from Belgians, Suffolk Punches from England. In fact, there are many draft horse breeds that exist in European countries that we never hear about here in the USA. In the time of the knights, each kingdom had their own breed of draft horse to carry their knights to battle.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we do accept credit cards, but prefer cash or check.

Q: What you do you do when the horse, you know...has to go, at my event?

A: All of our horses wear diapers. We will immediately clean up any misses or disinfect and wash down any liquids.

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